Site update?! WTF!

Yes, I haven’t been posting a lot for a long, long time. I think that it’s to do with a lack of focus on exactly what I want to use this site for.

When I first started a blog using Blogger, back in 2000, there weren’t the easy social-networking style sites that exist today. Now, due to my penchant for signing up for stuff, I have this site, a LiveJournal, a Facebook, and a picasaweb for photos.

So I need to think about what the hell I’m using this site for. I’m not going to get rid of it – 7 odd years of history are not thrown away lightly. I am going to give it a redesign, get a bit of Web 2.0 action going on hopefully, and start using it more for howtos and so on for technical stuff, and try and keep life-update stuff to a minimum, or on other services.

Long time between drinks (or updates)

So, if anyone actually still reads this blog, you’ll have noticed I haven’t updated in a while. As I mentioned last time, I started a new job, and that’s absorbed almost all my mental horsepower for the last couple of months. has now moved to a new server, though. I’m hoping that I might be able to get creative and finally redesign again, although just posting more regularly would be a start.

The other thing that’s been burning a lot of my time is WoW. It’s endlessly absorbing. I haven’t even picked up the xbox controller for ages, and the PS2 is languishing in a box. The PSP only gets pulled out on the rare morning I’m not driving to work.

That’s the weirdest thing about the new job – driving to and from work means that the time I used to have to read and reflect is now gone, replaced with time to curse at stupid drivers and listen to stupid radio shows. It’s surprising how much difference this has made to my life in general.

Updated links

I finally got around to clearing out my ‘to blog’ bookmark folder. They’re all added to my account. to see the whole collection: inocuo You can also see the most recent entries in the ‘cool links’ box on the right.

Scary week, but good news!

Well, it has been a horrendously busy week at work:

  • Monday: The aircon breaks down in the comms room and fries our PABX. Which means no phones, all day. Which means big trouble at a company that deals with the sharemarket. Fixed eventually, but not until after a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  • Tuesday: Two visitors from the Helpdesk in Adelaide. Had heaps to show them, and was flat chat all day organising meetings and so on.
  • Wednesday: The Board were in the Sydney Office for a board meeting. This meant waiting around with catlike readiness on the off chance that one of them might want to do something computer related. While waiting, I took one of the Helpdesk people and installed remote management on 25 PCs, at about a half an hour each. Luckily you can do concurrent installs.

But the good news is, Trang and I are going to Port Douglas for a week next week! Excitement, he wrote! All organised and booked in a two hour period yesterday. It’s going to be great!

In site stuff, I’ve added back the PDFs of essays from uni. Standard legal stuff applies – if I find someone claiming credit for my stuff, I chew their kneecaps off. :)

Comment spam and stuff

Well, that didn’t take long. The website was up for a week, and I’ve already had to download a couple of commentspam purging plugins for WordPress… Sucks to be you, stupid free poker site!

I failed my Ps test. Again. I’ve got another one booked soon.

Been to see heaps of exhibitions and concerts lately:

  • Harry Connick Jr and the Sydney Symphony: Was very good, if a little bit less symphony-ish than I expected.
  • Bugs Bunny on Broadway: Lots of fun, especially if you’re like me and have seen a fair percentage of all the Warner Bros cartoons ever made.
  • Eye on Photography: A history of Australian photography. It was kinda cool.
  • Egypt Exhibition at the Australian Museum: Awesome. I mean, what else could it be? It had mummies, and mummified heads as well!
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2004: Truly an awesome photography exhibit, with some truly amazing photos.

As you can see on the right, I’m playing Eve Online at the moment. It is very good. Think Massively Multiplayer Elite, and you’ve got an idea of where it starts.

New CMS!

Well, here’s inocuo’s new look. There’s a new CMS powering the backend (bye bye, Blogger), which means that there’s still some growing pains to get over. For the moment, no PDF links and no wallpapers, until I can add them in again.

So, do you like the new look? Tell me so in the comments! And tell me if you want a linkup in the ‘Links’ section too.

(oh, and before you mention it, the site doesn’t look nearly as nice in IE as it does in other, actually standards compliant browsers. Microsoft can blow me.)