HL2 Episode 2 and Cartoon intros

Previously in Nick’s life:
– Mal bought Halo 3, and I finished it on his 360, scoring myself some achievements in the process. I’m pretty happy with my current gamerscore, since I don’t have a 360.
– I bought the Orange Box on Steam. I love steam. I get the games I would have bought anyway at FANTASTIC prices, thanks to the currently-great Aussie dollar, and also the warm feeling of having purchased software where most of the money went to the creators.
– Portal was the best game I’ve played in YEARS.
– I paid around AUD$15 for Vampire: Bloodlines on Steam as well. Great deal.

HL2 Episode 2 has been great, but I really, really hate the Hunters. Especially in the last big fight, there’s heaps of other stuff going on, and they’re taking away 1/3 of your health and armour in one salvo. And they are difficult to kill with your standard weapons… It seems you basically have to run them over with your car to kill them quickly. Unfortunately, my machine struggles with rendering car + everything else going on…

In a completely unrelated note, presented for your edification, intro sequences for the same cartoon.

Firstly, one you may be familiar with:

And next, one you probably haven’t seen before – the Japanese intro for the same show.

It seems to me that the Japanese one contains a much higher awesome quotient than the Western one. Plus, they somehow manage to make Jubilee look bad-ass. I wouldn’t have thought it was even possible.

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