Robotech game

It’s all there. Cel shading, the original voice actors, hundreds of missiles, circular explosions, and you get to pilot a veritech.


Dymocks have rearranged their sci-fi section. They now have the ‘popular series’ section right next to the ‘non-fiction stuff that might be of interest to sci-fi fans’ section. In case you haven’t realised, that’s me. I managed to get out with only the book I came for, The Neutronium Alchemist, second book of the Night’s Dawn trilogy. Of course, I started reading the first book without realising that it was part of a trilogy. So I decided I must have the next book.

Funny thing about that first book, The Reality Dysfunction. I picked it up on a vague recollection of a recommendation. It’s about 900 pages, so I didn’t even consider that it might be part of a series. I get about 100 pages away from the end, and realise that there is no way in hell that the story will finish before the book does. ‘Oh well’, I thought, ‘That’s another series to be addicted to, then’. C’est la vie, I guess.

Spent most of yesterday asleep. Verrry refreshing. I think I’ve been pushing the old body a little hard recently – this being at work at 8am business is harder on it than I thought.

Just got back from seeing Metropolis. It rocks. I’ll be up to go and see it again with people in the regular season, which starts next week. And I’ll be purchasing the soundtrack at the first available opportunity.

I’m not sure about this one: (from /.) A school in the states has started doing DDR for PE. That’s Dance Dance Revolution, that crazy video game where you push pads with your feet, for physical education. Apparently it’s been a big success among the “sedentary” students…

“Scholarly” discussion of Star Wars is rife. But I particularly liked The Case for the Empire, in which the author argues that the Empire are the real good guys in the story. Some nice short phrases: the Jedi are an ‘arrogant royalist Swiss guard’, and ‘The Empire doesn’t want slaves or destruction or “evil.” It wants order. ‘

And, of course that, ‘[The rebel’s] victory over the Empire doesn’t liberate the galaxy- -it turns the galaxy into Somalia writ large.’

Set-destruction is always good.

Have you ever wondered what Harry Potter and friends would look like as anime characters. No? Well, now you know.

Update: As requested, here is the link to a page with some English that leads straight to the Harry Potter sections.

Dear lord, Spaceballs is coming true! In Beijing one can now purchase canned oxygen, according to this article in the SMH. What’s next, a giant spaceship that transforms into a giant maid?

Well, the cable modem has been well tested out this weekend. I think I’ve downloaded between 2 and 3 Gb, but luckily most of it is from Gamearena, so it doesn’t count against my usage limit.

I’ve also been enjoying watching Mahoromatic immensely. It’s surpsrisingly funny, yet heartwarming at the same time.